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Aviation insurance

Avgen ltd makes it possible to have customized aviation insurance at affordable rates.

With more than 30 years of combined aviation experience, our claims adjusters understand the importance of proactive claim management and getting your aircraft back into service as quickly as possible.

General Aviation

No matter how you use your aircraft, our expert general aviation underwriters – most of whom are    pilots themselves – can draw on their aviation knowledge and experience and, working with your aviation insurance broker, design a policy with the specific coverages you need.Whether you operate private, corporate or commercial aircraft, we provide coverage that can be customized to reflect exactly how and where you fly.

How Much Does Aircraft Insurance Cost?

The cost of aircraft insurance depends on multiple factors, and you can be assured that Avgen’s specialists ensure that you get the right policy for your individual situation. Factors that affect the price of your aircraft insurance include the type and size of your plane, your training and flying history, the number of passengers your plane holds, and more.

What is Covered by Liability Insurance?

Avgen’s Liability insurance provides Bodily Injury and Property Damage protection. This coverage makes sure you are protected if you cause damage to others and claims are made against you by third parties for which the law holds you legally liable. Our commitment is to defend you and pay your legal fees if you are sued.  If you are at fault, Avgen will pay for the damages according to the terms of your policy.

What is Aircraft Hull Insurance?

While Aircraft Liability protects you if you damage someone else or their property, Aircraft Hull insurance provides coverage for physical damage to your aircraft, whether in flight, taxiing, or on the ground. There are many options for hull coverage. Our aviation insurance specialists will craft a policy based on your individual situation.

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Broad appetite

Coverage available for nearly every type of risk. Aerospace manufacturers products liability
— Manufacturers of critical and non-critical components
— Maintenance repair and overhaul facilities on a coinsurance basis
— Limits of up to $250 million on a horizontal or vertical basis
— Excess grounding coverage up to $250 million

Airport and government entity

— Commercial airports up to $250 million
— Non-commercial general aviation airports
— Government entity aircraft up to $50 million hull valuesand $250 million combined single limit (CSL) liability(includes state, county and city-owned or operatedfixed wing and rotary wing aircraft)

Commercial aviation

— Fixed-base operators
— Limits available: Hull values up to $50 million;
— Liability limits up to $1 billion CSL
— University and institutional flight training
— Aircraft charter operations
— Hangarkeepers liability
— Commercial general liability
— Special use and drone operations

Corporate aircraft

— Turbine and jet-powered aircraft up to $50 million hull value and liability up to $250 million CSL
— Comprehensive Broad Form Policy


— Regional airlines - globally excluding USA & Canada

Pleasure and business or commercial use

— Owner-flown single and multi-engine piston-poweredaircraft, including light-sport aircraft
— Limits available: Hull values up to $2 million; liability limits up to $20 million CSL
— Individual non-owned aircraft liability, including certified flight instructor (CFI) coverage

Ground operations

— Aircraft manufacturers
— Aircraft component manufacturers
— Aviation-related government defense contractors
— Maintenance, repair and overhaul facilities

Policy features

— Large and small deductibles
— Various payment plans designed to suit the individual or company